Nite Out with a WingWoman
Do you love going out to bars or clubs but just don’t know how to meet someone? Then a Nite Out with a WingWoman is for you. We all know that confidence is sexy and there is nothing sexier than a confident man or woman. We will show you how to own the room, get noticed and pursue that person you are interested in or be pursued.

VIP Experience
Want to know how to impress someone you are wanting to pursue or know what to do when it comes to being pursued? This is the program for you. We spend a full day and look at how you show up in the world, Do a makeover, teach you dating etiquette and take you out so you can learn body language and get a new perspective on dating.

Bad Boy Boot Camp
Are you tired of falling in the friend zone consistently? This program is for the Nice Guys who continue to have failed attempts. We show you how to become the kind of man women crave and can’t get enough of. At the end of this program you will have learned How to pursue a Woman, Show your confidence and know what to do in the bedroom so you can have more sex.

Sexy Wonderful Woman Program
Are you an independent woman who feels like they carry the weight of the world on your shoulders? Do you want to show more confidence? Be comfortable expressing your sexuality and be able to own it? This program is designed for you to be the Sexy Wonderful Woman you are dreaming of. You’ll be able to own a room, embrace that inner goddess who is yearning to get out and make you a priority. So you can have the relationship you dream of and love the life you are living.